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Aku hanyalah insan hina berlumur dosa yang seringkali tergelincir dari landasan iman. Aku perlukan teguran, nasihat & doa yang berpanjangan dari kalian.

Sesungguhnya aku menulis disini tujuan utamanya adalah untuk memperingatkan & menasihatkan diriku sendiri. Kala aku menulis, mungkin Allah tika itu meningkatkan keimananku. Maka, bila aku rasa lemah, aku akan kembali semula ke sini & membaca kembali catatan-catatanku; untuk aku baca, hadam & menghayati semula nasihat yang pernah aku tulis suatu masanya.

Ambillah mana yang baik & tinggalkanlah yang tidak bermanfaat. Semoga Allah Mengampuni semua dosa-dosa kita.. Amiin.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

[TIPS] : 15 Ways to Keep a Marriage Working.

I read through on these tips at HAPPY MUSLIM FAMILY, and I found that the tips were very helpful. So, I share those tips here, may it helps us to make our relationship with our spouse much better, insyaAllah.

15 ways to keep a marriage working:

1. Worship Allah SWT together! A couple who prays together stays together!
Be imaginative on how you can worship together. Read Qur'an, listen to lectures, attend conferences. Anything that suits your lifestyle and marriage. 

2. Love Each 
This sounds obvious, but it’s the most important. Don’t be afraid to love your spouse, and tell them – often! 

3. Don’t Lie
Once you’re caught in a lie, it’s so much more difficult for your partner to continue trusting you. 

4. Keep Communication Open
Don’t shy away from a conversation just because it may be something you don’t want to hear, you’ll have to face it eventually. Also, take time to talk to each other every day.

5. Stay Sweet
Continue to “woo” each other. Remember the little things you did for each other early in the relationship? Keep doing them.

6. When You Get Hurt, Just Forgive and Forget
I’m obviously referring to the “little things” here. 

7. Never Talk About Break-Ups
This is a big no-no, unless you mean it. Do not use breaking up as a threat during arguments. It will really make your spouse feel insecure about the relationship. 

8. Never Say It’s Okay Even When It’s Not
As rule #2 says, “Don’t Lie.” If something bothers you, you need to share why, and more than likely, your other half will adapt their behavior to make you feel more comfortable. 

9. Forget About “Pride”
When you’re serious about someone, you need to leave your ego at the door. This may be especially hard for men, but you both need to accept that you’re not always right.

10. If You Say Sorry, Mean It
When an apology is necessary, you should mean it. Don’t say sorry if you don’t really feel sorry. In this case, you should discuss with your partner why you’re not, and try to understand each other’s views 

11. Don’t Talk About Your Ex's (If you have them - divorce)
They’re all in the past for a reason. 

12. It’s a Give-and-Take Process
Be prepared to compromise. But, also allow the other person to have their way, completely, and for you to have your way, completely, sometimes too.

13. Be Aware of His or Her Feelings
Often think of your partner’s feelings. Consider how certain actions might make them feel and how you’d feel if they did the same. Basically, stay considerate and respectful of each other. 

14. When You Have a Fight, Don’t Let the Day Pass
When you argue, don’t allow it to fester into the rest of the day. Do your best to fight clean, and end the argument quickly. If necessary, agree to disagree, but don’t spend the rest of your day angry at the other person. You're supposed to love him, remember?!?

15. Don’t Be the Perfect One, Be the Right One
No one is a perfect person. Instead of showering someone with presents, give them the gift of accepting them as they are. That’s how to be the right one.


Wallahu a'lam. 

p/s: Salam Maal Hijrah 1435, may our relationship with Allah getting much stronger & so did our relationship among His creation. Amiin. 


  1. al-hamdulillah...syukran ukhti for the nice advice to us. May ALLAH bless you

  2. Allahumma amiin.. I pray the same too for you ukhti. Syukran. :)


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