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Dengan Nama Allah,

Aku hanyalah insan hina berlumur dosa yang seringkali tergelincir dari landasan iman. Aku perlukan teguran, nasihat & doa yang berpanjangan dari kalian.

Sesungguhnya aku menulis disini tujuan utamanya adalah untuk memperingatkan & menasihatkan diriku sendiri. Kala aku menulis, mungkin Allah tika itu meningkatkan keimananku. Maka, bila aku rasa lemah, aku akan kembali semula ke sini & membaca kembali catatan-catatanku; untuk aku baca, hadam & menghayati semula nasihat yang pernah aku tulis suatu masanya.

Ambillah mana yang baik & tinggalkanlah yang tidak bermanfaat. Semoga Allah Mengampuni semua dosa-dosa kita.. Amiin.

Friday, March 15, 2013

For the sake of Allah.

It's just only us that feel that ourselves were not attractive.
Like all of the attraction had been disposed by the veil that covered all of the body.

We felt that we are out of fashioned.
Not wearing any fancy trendy shawl.
Not following any latest stylish trend.

We are just a simple us.
With a dull face without any make up.
Enhanced by the presence of acnes, freckles & scars.

We still what we were in past several years back then.
We still in that hijab that we cut & sewed by ourselves.
We still in that black jubah that we bought from one of our sahibah.

We thought that we are invisible.
No one would care about what are we wearing.
Like we are in our own world which only exist Allah & us.
& also people who are loving Allah like us.

We thought that no one would watching us.
Cause we thought that we are not attractive at all.
& of course what we wear, we said & we did, were not to attract anybody.
Since it just for the sake of Allah only.

We are comfortable on what we did.
We are enjoy in what ever we went through.
In our way, according to His way.


But suddenly.
There are people keeps asking.
About yourself.
Your background, such as schools, hometown, siblings.
Talk about many things such as your future plans.
& slowly the conversation going abroad over what you usually talk.

Now they asking about your status.
Is there anyone special in your life.
Is there any space in your heart, in your life,
That available for 'someone' to be filled in.

While still in adaptation phase.
This is so sudden.

But surely in Allah's view nothing comes fast, or comes late.
It just came at the right time, right place.

Or maybe all this time you were too busy on trying to be a good daughter to your Daddy.
Because on your behalf up until now, 
You still & always want to be your Daddy's Little Girl. :)

You ask yourself. Pondering alone.
"I'm just no one. Not as special as what they thought. Besides this big hijab & this simple appearance. I'm just a modest me. Don't they think that their expectations were too high?"

You think like that again.

Since it bothering you too much.
& no answer could be found by yourself.

The boring & unattractive you straightly asked them, then.

Tell me. Truthfully.
InsyaAllah I'll understand things simply.

Then she replied;
"A person like you only can be found by someone that really deeply lost into Allah's love."

She smile.

"Your effort to pleased Allah make you special. He choose you because of the Deen inside you. If you lose your Deen, then you won't be that special anymore."

Of course, this was another test from Him.


Once again..
You thought, how come those beautiful words suit you well?

& at the end,
It won't bring any changes to you.
You still what you were, you wore, you said & what you did.

Cause all this while,
It's just for the sake of Allah.


What we thought as small, in Allah's sight maybe is big.
What we thought as dull, in Allah's sight maybe is beauty.
What we thought as worthless, in Allah's sight maybe is priceless.

As what we said, we did, we wore.. only to pleased Him.
And to be with Him in His Jannah.

Allah will surely replied all of the du'a.
He will surely repaid all of the good deeds.

Lillahi ta'ala.

He came.
They asked.

Choose for the sake of Him.

As what you choose is going to be as the part of your Deen.


It's not about beauty.
It's not about trendy.
It's not about wealthy.

It's not only about that.

Cause it's not only for Dunya.
But also for akhirah.

"Your beauty, your trendy style appearance, your wealthy cannot guaranteed you to enter His Jannah if they are lacking of Taqwa."

It's about Taqwa.
It's because of Allah.


Do everything for the sake of Allah.
Everything will be meaningless if it's done for the sake of human.

Dress to pleased Ar-Rahman.
Not to pleased any man.

Keep reminding yourself.

With Allah, you are priceless.
Without Allah, you are worthless.

So, dear...
Here's one simple question;

"Where's Allah in your life, in your heart?"


Wallahu a'lam.

Jamadil Awal, 4

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